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Application Process

  1. Stage One

Kindly ensure that you have read and understood all admission criteria and requirements.



  1. Stage Two

Download all admission forms or you can pick up hard copies of the application forms if you reside within the Durban area. Read and understand the documents carefully before completing the forms. Some forms require external assistance in the form of written recommendations from your teachers. Kindly submit your application forms and other relevant documents well in advance so that your application can be processed quickly and speedily.


  1. Stage Three

Email all completed forms to the Darul Iftaa Admissions Office. Kindly submit copies of your student visa’s, passport and copies of your last three academic reports.


  1. Stage Four

The Darul Iftaa Admissions Office will email you the outcome of your application. The Darul Iftaa will require certain additional information upon successful admission. The entire admission process generally takes between 2 days to two weeks.


File Requirements

When emailing the Admissions Office, you will be required to mail attachments and other documents. We suggest that you review the file upload requirements before mailing your documents.


The file upload requirements are as follows:


Files cannot be password protected

PDF files cannot have a digital signature

Scanned files should have a resolution no more than 300dpi.

We only accept DOC, DOCX, PDF, or RTF files.


Admission Forms

Common Application Form

Reference Form

Motivation Form