Respected Seekers of knowledge, welcome and glad tidings. Our respected, revered and beloved Teacher and Shaikh, Muhtaram Mufti Ebrahim Desai Sahib (damat barakatuhu) has launched the new Darul Iftaa site. On this auspicious occasion, I have found it befitting to present the poem of Imam Muhammad Ibn Hassan Al-Shaybani, one of the greatest students of Imam Abu Hanifa (RH) to whose efforts we owe the preservation and compilation of the Hanafi Madhhab. Our illustrious Imam advises,

تعلم فإن العلم زين لأهله                    وفضل وعنوان لكل المحامد

وكن مستفيداً كل يوم زيادة                 من العلم واسبح في بحور الفوائد

تفقه فإن الفقه أفضل قائد                    إلى البر والتقوى وأعدل قاصد

هو العلم الهادي إلى سنن الهدى           هو الحصن ينجي من جميع الشدائد

فإن فقيهاً واحداً متورعاً                     أشد على الشيطان من ألف عابد

Learn; for knowledge is an adornment and virtue for he who possesses it, as well as a prelude to every praiseworthy action.

Profit each day by increasing your knowledge and swim the oceans of beneficial knowledge.

Learn Fiqh! For Fiqh is the best guide to piety and taqwa, and the straightest path to the goal. It is a signpost leading to paths of guidance; it is the fortress that saves from all hardships; for verily a single pious Faqih is more severe against Shaytan than a thousand worshippers.

–  Yusuf ibn Yaqub (Darul Iftaa – Principal Madrasah Madinatul Uloom USA