Years ago it was the fervor and desire of my beloved father that I study under the tutor ship of not just a Scholar and Jurist but a Sheikh ul Fann (Master in all sciences) whether it be of Qura’an , Hadith, Fiqh, Tafseer and a Sheikh who is a spiritual mentor for many around the world. Alhamdullilah, through the advice of my father I had taken the journey to study nine years under Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb who had not just been my mentor and teacher but had kept a very close eye on me as his very own son in every aspect of my career.

Mufti Ebrahim Saheb is regarded to be from amongst the great jurists of our modern world. I recall once I was on a journey with my Sheikh, Mufti Ahmed Khanpuri Saheb and a person had asked a certain Fiqhi ruling and Mufti Saheb had referred that person to get the ruling from Mufti Ebrahim Saheb, this was an acknowledgement of Mufti Ebrahim Saheb’s  works and Knowledge which great Ulama of our present day recognize.

It was always Mufti Ebrahim Saheb’s dream that he set up an Institution through which Ulama could study for the higher post graduate and qualify as Mufti’s and Jurist. In a short span of time the dream of Mufti Saheb through the Dua’s of great Ulama had come to a reality.

Hadrat Mufti Ebrahim Saheb has been recognised to be one of the great Ulama through whom the general public around the world has benefited through his Juristic rulings via the electronic media system in the modern age.

Thus after the expansion of the New Darul Iftaa which has been setup, Mufti Ebrahim Saheb has launched the new Darul Iftaa website portal which will be the hub of the institution.

I humbly take great pleasure and honour in inviting one and all to take benefit from such a website which will be insightful and informative in every aspect of a person’s life from the cradle to the grave.

I sincerely make Dua that Allah Ta’ala grant Mufti Saheb a long healthy life through which every person on the face of the earth could benefit from his works and achievements and make his works a sign which will remain until the day of Qiyamah. Aameen

– Luqman ibn Moulana Mohammed Hansrot (Mufti based in UK-