Message from Moulana Ahmed Chohan

(Imam Masjid Saliheen Sherwood, Durban-Principal Islahul Muslimaat)


It has always been the desire of the Ummah of Rasulullah (saw) to be exceptional servants of Allah Ta’ala and ardent followers of Rasulullah (saw). Not only does the general society of the Ummah strive to be good Muslims but businessman and members of our corporate world as well, with this in mind the opening of the Daarul Iftas website is a welcome to all of us. It is a convenient, easily accessible method to communicate with our learned jurists with regards to any issues they encounter.


Hazrat Mufti Ebrahim Desai has not only been answering fatwas but structuring business products which have been an outstanding help to our Muslim world. The Allah conscious Ummah of Rasulullah SAW is indebted to Hazrat Mufti Ebrahim Saheb DB for his dedication and commitment to the Darul Ifta. It has helped strengthen us both spiritually and socially.


Hazrat Mufti sahib(DB) has served the Ummah for almost 24 years in the field of fatawa and continues to do so selflessly. Since Jan 2011, Hazrat Mufti Sahib(DB) opened the Darul Ifta in Sherwood. Students from different parts of the world have been fortunate to have studied under Hazrat Mufti Sahib(DB).

In this period of time I had the opportunity of interacting with most of them. I found them to be  exemplary  in every aspect of life. I believe that they will be sterling guides and inspiration for their respective communities  Insha Allah.

May Allah take Hazrat Mufti Sahib (D B) and the Darul Ifta from strength to strength and reward him abundantly in both worlds. Ameen.




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