Report on Shariah Compliant Business Campaign from an Alim in Zambia




The Darul Iftaa conducted a beautiful Shariah compliant business campaign program in Lusaka. This was the first of its kind in Zambia which generated a great interest in the community and was well attended. The program had a tremendous impact on all those who attended. From the response we could gauge that brothers who were unable to attend felt they missed out on a great opportunity.


The one very important observation which i made and was appreciated by the crowd was Hadhrat Mufti Saheb explaining modern day transactions and providing the practical alternatives for it for e.g. Mufti Saheb stated the issue of taking deposits is an Amanah, and therefore in principle the lessor cannot use it. Thus, Mufti Saheb gave an alternative that the lessor could insead take advance rent which would enable him to use the deposit. Most importantly the public realized that there is a practical alternative to the conventional system. There were a number of questions after the program, however due to lack of time we were unable to complete them. We hope Hadhrat Mufti Saheb accepts our invitation in the future so that the community in Zambia may benefit much more.


Hereunder is a brief on the topics discussed


  • Islamic Economic System & interest –Mufti Saheb discussed an Islamic system as opposed to a conventional system (i.e. the socialist and capitalist system). Hadhrat Mufti Saheb gave same thought provoking examples which was noted by one of the senior ulema.




  • Training Children in Financial Issues- Mufti Saheb stated the importance of teaching our children how to manage their affairs. The theme in short was to teach our children how business is conducted in an Islamic and responsible manner.




  • Pitfalls in Business Issues – This topic is quite evident, however, the unique manner in which these pitfalls were discussed exemplified  Mufti Saheb’s experience of dealing with Islamic business and commerce at a practical level.



  • Financial Issues between husband and wife – Mufti Saheb emphasised the point of a woman having the right to own something. However, Mufti Saheb stressed the importance of understanding between couples whilst keeping ones right in mind. It was a discussed from a unique angle.


  • Assisting and Empowerment – Mufti discussed the very important point of Muslims assisting one another. Discussing the issues of competition, monopoly etc in relation to the Islamic viewpoint.


  • Regulating Family and Business Succession Plan- Mufti Saheb discussed the difference between the mindset of the youth and elders. Importantly how they can work in tandem was discussed.


  • Internet transactions – This was a very unique discussion regarding auction sites which the youth were very interested in.


  • Investment Schemes – Mufti Saheb mentioned some schemes which the Darul Iftaa has drawn up which is importantly a practical alternative to conventional investment schemes.




  • BEEP – This was explaining the emails which the Darul Iftaa sends out regarding modern day transactions.


  • Prescription of Barakah –  Mufti Saheb explained in a nutshell that the Islamic way is to conduct our Mu'amalat (dealings) according to Shariah.He also explained reading Surah Waqiah every night and urged the  people to consider two questions which will be asked by Allah on the day of Qiyamah:




Where did you earn your money?

Where did you spend it?


 - (Moulana)Mohammed Patel, Zambia




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