Admission Requirements


The Darul Iftaa is committed to promoting Islamic Education. Admission is based on academic excellence, spirituality, commitment and various other factors.


The application process can be completed by emailing the Office of Admissions. 


Applicants must complete all admission requirements and submit all the relevant information before application deadlines. You will be notified of the status of your application within two weeks of applying.


Applicants are required to fulfill the following admission requirements:


1. Complete Application form

2. Recommendation letters from the Principle and Shaikhul – Hadeeth

3. Submission of last three academic reports

4. Special Motivation Letter

5. Sign Code of Conduct

6. Additional letter of motivation to study the Tafseer and Hadeeth specialization courses

7. Valid Copies of Student Visa and Passport


You are most welcome to contact the Office of Admissions should you require further information or assistance.


Office of Admissions

Darul Iftaa



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