The Darul Iftaa Residence is an attractive building, set in a quit area of Sherwood, Durban, South Africa. The Darul Iftaa residence has been carefully and meticulously designed to create a comforting and warm living environment.

The Residence houses 15 - 20 students at a time. Students enjoy various state of the art amenities, including five bedrooms, a Laundromat, an intercom/telephone system, a recreation and gym room, dining hall, kitchen, en-suite room, communal bathroom, Ablution facility, free wifi connection among others.

Meals are served daily in the main dining hall.



The bedrooms are designed to cater for the specific needs of the students with fully fitted bedding, furniture, fans, wifi connection and blinds.



The kitchen consists of a fridge/freezer, stove and oven, nook area, granite tops and fully fitted cupboards where students can store their edibles.



The residence has a complete emergency and security plan. The building has emergency exit points, assembly points, emergency sound system, etc. The building has a fully integrated security system including highly sensitive cameras and security beams installed throughout the building.



The Residence has a communal bathroom with state of the art showers, toilets and wash basins. The communal bathroom also caters for ablution.


Recreation/Gym Room

The recreation/gym room is equipped with state of the art machinery specially chosen by a qualified fitness trainer. 





1. How many bedrooms are there?

There are five bedrooms in total with each bedroom accommodating 3- 4 students.


2. Do we have to bring our own bedding?

No. The bedrooms come fully furnished including bedding.


3. Do we have to have buy our own food?

No, all meals are provided. However, you might want to buy your own snacks, candy, etc from the local shopping centre.


4. Do we get holidays?

Yes.The Darul Iftaa has a fixed academic calendar providing for holidays and day's off periods for students.


5. Do I have to bring my own utensils?

Not necessarily, the Darul Iftaa has fully fitted kitchen with a good number of utensils, dishes, etc.


6. What happens if I get ill?

The Darul Iftaa has call out doctors on standby in the event of any medical emergency. Local doctors are within short distance from the Residence.


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