Sheikhul Hadith Moulana Zakariyah (rahmatullah alaihi) used to advise his associates at the end of Ramadhan as follows:

  1. 1.Be punctual on your mamulaat (recital, tasbihaat, & zikr etc) as this is the stairway to progress. Missing out one day destroys the barakah and effort that you may have attained after many days.
  2. 2.Stay in the company of the pious and refrain from sitting with those who are irreligious.
  3. 3.Refrain from committing sin. Especially refrain from glancing at members of the opposite gender as this is a fatal poison.


So upon the completion of Ramadhan we leave you with the above advice. Make your goal and purpose Allah’s pleasure and close companionship, living only for the Hereafter. Make the world a shadow that creeps behind you and never in front, put its beauty aside and run far from its temptations. It will then follow you till death but never ever catch up to you for you are always one step ahead of its cunning deception.


Remember sometimes to get the best it’s difficult, sometimes it takes more effort, sometimes more tears but never, ever does it bring less smiles, less contentment, less satisfaction and less reward. We wish for all our readers Jannah and nothing less just like we desire it for ourselves.


May we live to experience so many blessed months of Ramadhan again and again. Ameen


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