Q: Should we sacrifice one sheep per person of the family or 1 sheep for the whole family? Before, I used to sacrifice 1 animal for 1 person but I heard that it is 1 for the whole family. 


A: Qurbani is wajib upon every muslim who is a muqeem and possesses wealth which is more or equivalent to the nisab of Zakah on the days of 11th 12th and 13th of Zilhijjah. Qurbani of one animal will not suffice on behalf of the entire family. The present nisab amount is $673.60 or R5825.69.





Q:  I would like to ask, my husband and I have been doing Qurbani for many years now and this year we decided to contribute the money to an upcoming madrassah that my daughter goes to which only started in our area last year. There was never a madrassah in our area before and we thought that perhaps the money can be used for renovation, furniture, kitaabs etc.I have had many comments from family members saying that I should have done Qurbani as there is more sawaab. I know that I have done the right thing but just wanted your opinion.


A: If Qurbani is wajib upon a person during the days of Qurbani, it cannot be substituted by any other act of worship such as charity. Just as Salah cannot be the substitute of fasting; they are two separate acts of worship.[1]However, if the days of Qurbani have passed, and the Qurbani was not offered due to ignorance, negligence or for some other reason, then it becomes Wajib to give in Sadaqah the price of Qurbani animal.




Q: Can one can kill his cow early in the morning before the eid prayer and kill the ram after the imam has slaughtered in praying ground?


A: If one is performing Qurbani (Ritual religious sacrifice) in a city/town, it is only permissible for one to slaughter one’s Qurbani animal (sheep, cow, goat, etc) after the Eid prayer.However, if one is performing one’s Qurbani in a village/countryside, it is permissible for one to slaughter one’s Qurbani animal immediately after Subh al-Sadiq.




Q: Is it permissible to send money to poorer countries and have Qurbani done on your behalf in that country?


A: It is permissible to have Qurbani done on your behalf in a foreign country. Nevertheless, it is preferred to slaughter the animal with your own hands or to watch as someone else does the slaughtering on your behalf if it is possible.



Q: If one receives a gift in the form of sheep and one would like to use this in lieu of Qurbani, is this permissible?


A: It is permissible for one to slaughter a gifted sheep for Qurbani on condition that one makes the intention for Qurbani.




Q: when it comes to qurbani if a person cuts an animal without a tail for qurbanis this valid ? Secondly pertaining to this if a person stays in Durban and the people who sell animals here dont generally sell with tails ,would he have to go search for one and if he does have to then to what extent?does he have to go to jhb or some other place ?or because he cannot get it here so it's valid?


A: In principle, if half or more than half of an animal’s tail is cut, the Qurbāni of such an animal is invalid.  The juridical references below may be referred to.  One must endeavor to find an animal (whether goat, sheep, or cow) with a full tail or more than half the tail. 

There was a Fatwā issued in the past that the Qurbāni of an animal without a tail or cut tail is valid. The circumstances of that time were different.  Presently farmers breed animals with tails and such animals are available.

Qurbānī is a sacred act of worship.  It should be carried out with due diligence. One must avoid a doubtful situation.  If Muslims are determined to slaughter only animals with tails, this will create a demand in the farmers to produce animals with tails and prevent them from docking in the future.  However, if Muslims show laxity in this regard, then animals will continue to be docked, and the ideal animal for Qurbānī will not be available.   




And Allah Knows Best,

Mufti Ebrahim Desai



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