Juridical Codifications

By Muhammed Sindhi

Student Darul Iftaa

Faculty of Jurisprudence & Islamic Verdicts

13 January 2013


There is no difference between Sunnah Muakkada and Sunnah Ghair- Muakkada (non-Muakkada) in its form and method of offering.  The only difference is in its Sharī status, which is as follows:

Sunnah Muakkada Salāt:  Those Salāt, which are close to Wājib and incurs sin if omitted continuously without a valid Sharī excuse. It literally translates as “emphasized Sunnah`s”

Sunnah Ghair-Muakkada Salāt- Those Salāt which if omitted will not incur a sin. it literally translates as “not emphasized Sunnah`s”

(Raddul Muhtār, Pg. 12 Vol. 2 HM Saīd)
(Raddul Muhtār, Pg.
 103, Vol. 1 HM Saīd)

However, we should not leave out the Sunnah Ghair-Muakkada merely for the fact that Nabī (Sallāllāhu alahiwasalam) did not lay much emphasis upon it.


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